Derek Uhlman (right) with Ivan Biro (left) and Reuben Nakian (center)

at the celebration of the completion of "Stone Flowers", 1982

for General Foods Corperation commission.


© Atelier Uhlman

Photo: Elisa Keogh



Derek Uhlman began his career as an apprentice
to master sculptors Reuben Nakian and Ivan Biro.

Mr. Uhlman received his first major commission for
a 37,000 lb marble sculpture, Stone Flowers, from
General Foods Corporation in 1982. In 1989, he
was invited by The World Food Foundation to
create the prestigious World Food Prize. This international award is showcased
annually at the Smithsonian Institution
(Washington, DC).

Uhlman’s sculptures have been purchased for the
collections of Rockefeller Center (New York, NY),
General Electric Corporation Headquarters
(Fairfield, CT), Kraft General Foods Headquarters
(Rye, NY), Daiwa Corporation Headquarters
(Tokyo, Japan), as well as in private collections.

Exhibition venues include:
The Rosenberg & Co. Gallery (New York, NY),
The National Academy of Design (New York, NY),
The Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC),
The Hammond Museum (North Salem, NY),
Kouros Sculpture Center (New York,NY),
The Copley Society of Art (Boston, MA),
New York Art Fair (New York, NY),
The Southhampton Art Fair (Southhampton, NY),
Palm Beach Art Fair (Palm Beach, FL),
John Slade Ely House Center for Contemporary Art (New Haven, CT),
The Stamford Museum (Stamford, CT),
The Bruce Museum (Greenwich, CT),
The Silvermine Art Center (New Canaan, CT),

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